Our Offer

How can you get involved?

We have developed an innovative way of improving capacity within general practice. It is designed to enable GPs to spend more time doing what they do best: providing care for their patients.

We train members of the practice’s administrative team to read, code and action incoming clinical correspondence according to a framework based on the practice’s protocols. We support the GP Champion in the key responsibilities of their role; which is pivotal in ensuring the Practice achieves a safe, sustainable and full implementation of Workflow Optimisation. We also advise and support the wider Practice team to support the implementation.

Working with us:

We will spend some time with you to understand what really matters and create a bespoke offer that will enable you to:

• Transform the way you work so you have time to focus on what’s really important – spending time with your patients;

• Sustain the changes so you can continue to make a positive impact for your staff, the benefits both people using your service and the wider health care system;

• Work in collaboration across clusters of Practices to share information, processes and staff and establishing a community around Workflow teams;

• Use data to understand and influence the opportunity for broader changes and improvements at both a Practice level and in the wider healthcare system; and

• Be involved in the research of Workflow Optimisation to continually innovate and develop new ideas.